Appium Testing Training

Appium Testing Training in Ahmedabad Vadodara

Appium is an mobile application testing tool used to automate native, hybrid and mobile browser. JSON wire protocol is used to interact with the android and IOS native apps using WebDriver. The concepts of Appium built up on node.js which creates and multiple webdriver sessions for IOS and Android.
How Appium Works:

Automation commands are sent in form of JSON via HTTP request by executing the script of Webdriver. Appium server invokes vendor specific mechanism to execute those commands. Mobile devices sends back message to the appium server and appium server logs the result in the console. The best part of appium is that it allows us to choose the programming language to write our test.

Before start working on Appium, we must need to install

1. Android SDK
2. Eclipse
3. Maven Configuration
4. Appium Client

Unicode Technologies Appium training provides in-depth knowledge on all the core concepts of the mobile test automation from basics to advanced level with real-time experts. You will learn how to automate native and hybrid apps in IOS/Android using Appium tool through hands-on sessions and real-time projects, and this will help you to advance in mobile automation testing domain.

Our Appium course content is designed by a team of professionals to simplify the learning process. To put your knowledge on Appium Training into action, you will be required to work on two industry-based projects that discuss significant real-time use cases. You will gain hands-on expertise in Appium Training concepts with this practical experience. Appium is the top tool used for Mobile App Testing. Major IT industries are shifting towards mobile applications and thereby creating numerous job opportunities for Appium professionals across the globe.

After the successful completion of Appium course, the candidate will be able to gain knowledge and working experience on:
- Selenium automated testing
- Automating the gestures and key events handling using Appium
- Network management and performance testing using Appium
- Automating the application management actions and synchronization

From basics to the most advanced concepts, we equip you with all the valuable skills to grow in your career. So, we recommend you to grab the opportunity by choosing your perfect online course from the list of popular courses for the year. Gain real-time experience and profound knowledge by involving in hands-on projects and get hired quickly. Move your career to the highest point with our Appium Online Training Course.