Software systems are becoming more challenging now a days. Software, Website has become an important role in our lives both economically and socially, so it is very important to focus on quality product.Any software or website should possess quality attributes such as Efficiency, User Friendly, Correctness, Maintainability and portability.

Software testing is a process of executing an application with the intent of finding an error. The goal of tester is to find out as many bugs from the application and make sure they get fixed or not. Program testing can be a very effective way to show the presence of bugs, but it is hopelessly inadequate for showing their absence written by Dijkstra, 1972. Testing activities should be intergrated throughout the software development life cycle. Testing of a phase must be build upon and checked against the results of the previous phase.

We provide software testing training in ahmedabad and baroda mainly designed software testing course for freshers and those who wants to enter into this field. This training would give them in depth knowledge on various testing concepts and new technique and it would also helpful to do the best in a real time company project.

We provide professional project based training on Software Testing mentioned as below:

1. Manual Testing : Manual Testing is a process of testing an application with the intend of finding an error without taking help of any testing tool. We do cover up different IT aspects, Software Development Life Cycle and its models, Software Testing Life Cycle, How to write Test Plan and Test Case, Defect Management Process, Mobile Application Testing, Website Application Testing, Configuration Management, Risk Analysis etc...

2. Functional Automation testing using Selenium/QTP: Manual testing is a tedious and time consuming process. It requires heavy investment in human resource. Functional automation testing is a approach that helps tester from repeating manual testing again and again. We need to create script to test the various things on application and can run the same thing multiple times. The advantage of functional automation testing is, a fast, repeatable, reusable, comprehensive and programmable approach.

Most of the industry usually work on two tools named Selenium and QTP. Selenium is a free web application open sourced testing tools. Tester can write script in any programming language like JAVA, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python etc.. Selenium has different components like IDE (Integrated Development Environment), RC (Remote Control) and latest WebDriver. Tester must have knowledge on programming to develop the script. QTP is a Desktop/Web application testing tools developed by HP. Tester is required to have knowledge on VBScript.

3. Test Management Tool: In Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC), Project is passed under different phases such as Test Requirement , Creating test plan, Creating Test Cases, Execution of Test Cases, Defect Reporting. Test Management tool facilitate all the activities under the one roof. There are two mainly tools that companies are using such as Quality Center (Previously known as Test Director), TestLink(Open Source Test Management Tool).

4. Load Testing Tool: Load Testing is a approach of testing the capability of an application under heavy load. We apply heavy load on application to check its behavior like Response time, Throughput, Response Code, HTTP Errors, Timeout Errors, Network Errors etc... There are numbers of tools use by the companies such as Load Runner, WebLoad, NeoLoad, WAPT, JMETER etc..

5. Bug Management Tool: Bug is known as an error in the program. Bug once found by tester, it is important to track it until it gets fixed. It is a communication channel between tester and developer. Mantis, Jira, Bugzilla are tools to track the bugs detail.

You can contact us to get more details on Software Testing training in ahmedabad and baroda. We do provide online training as well.


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  • Unicode Technologies is the best place to get training in software testing. It has very friendly environment for candidates. They have 10+ years experienced faculty. They also provide good placement environment, I got placed from their support. All colleagues of Unicode are very helpful. Thanks to Unicode. - Manthan Bhatiya

  • I took training from Unicode Technologies and it was very effective. The support of sir is very appreciated. They not only provide in depth training but also guide us on HR and interview preparations. I am thankful to Unicode Technologies for giving me knowledge on Manual Testing. - Khevna Chhaya

  • It was a great experience to get trained in Unicode Technologies.The Knowledge given by the expert was totally practical which helped me to learn it very easily and just after two days of training i got placed. - Sandeep Mulchandani

  • Wonderful experience! Proper training with clear all basic concept and the feeling of getting credit when credit is due, Great place to learn QA (Automation Testing). - Payal Barad

  • Unicode Technologies was the first stepping stone towards my successful career of Software Testing where I could not only find excellence in Technical Training but also got industrial knowledge which helps me perform great at my workplace. - Dhara Jash

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