Every testing department needs a tool that can help them to track, manage testing activities. Quality Centre is a Test Management Tool that is responsible for managing release, requirements, test plan, test cases and defects. It is web based tool that assists testers, QA Leaders and QA managers to operate it from anywhere. With the help of quality centre, we can handle below mentioned activities.

1. Release and Test Cycle Management

This module helps testing team to manage web/desktop/mobile application releases and their test cycles. Before working on a project testing team defines the releases of the project and internal test cycle for each release. A cycle could be development or QA cycle. We can define releases and their test cycle in this phase. We can organize all our releases by mentioning it in this module.

2. Specifying and managing requirements

Requirement means what needs to be tested during testing phase. We will write test requirements in this module. Requirement may be either functional or non-functional. We will analyze client’s requirements and defines the test coverage. We can define requirement in a tree format. It can be main requirement or sub. We can generate the all requirements in a tree structure.

3. Test Planning

After defining requirements, we can create test plan tree in such a manner that we can divide our test cases. In this module, we need to design the test plan and test cases. Depending upon the methodology define by the testing lead, test designers or test engineers designs the test plan with the strategies. They also prepare the test case description.

4. Executing Test Cases

Actual execution is carried out in this module. Application is getting tested either manually or automation by the tester. Tester checks the application from the functional, validation, performance, usability and security point of view.

5. Adding and monitoring defects

During testing of an application, tester reports all the bugs in this module. We can track and manage bug through its status. We can send various bug reports to our clients using this module.

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